ABOUT WCRI is Canada’s largest student housing co-operative. As a co-operative, WCRI relies on member involvement in providing affordable housing and creating a supportive and welcoming student community. At WCRI, every member participates to the extent that they are able.

What started with a small group of motivated students in the 1960s has grown into housing for more than 800 resident-members. WCRI’s success proves that co-operative enterprises are able to adapt and thrive in changing economic, political and social currents..
Live Close
• Just a 5 minute walk to both UW and WLU!
• Earnings go back to our student community!
Save Money
• Save thousands, compared to other off-campus housing!
• The most active student housing community in Waterloo!
Self Governed
• Co-operative housing means YOU have a voice!
• Members earn great rewards for attending community events!
HOUSING WCRI is committed to providing comfortable, secure and affordable housing. We offer a number of different housing options within our four distinct housing areas. If you’re looking for dormitory style housing, check out the A-Dorms and the Hammar Dorms. If an apartment suits your housing needs better, we have 1 to 4 bedroom apartments in our new Fenwick building, and 3 and 4 bedroom options at our CCK apartments.

All of our apartments and dormitories come furnished with a bed, desk, chair, and dresser or wardrobe. Common areas in dormitories and apartments are also furnished.

WCRI is located across the road from UW, and a five-minute walk from WLU. Grocery, entertainment, health and public transport amenities are conveniently located nearby.

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FALL 2022 - SPRING 2023
Apartment & Parking Rates

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Dormitory & Parking Rates

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APPLY We accept applications, from students, year round, with three allotment periods during the academic year.

Dormitory style housing is available for 4 month contracts starting in September, January and May, short-term contracts may be available upon request.

Our Fenwick Apartments are available for 1-year contracts starting in September. Our CCK Apartments are available for either 8-month or 1 year contracts starting in September. A limited number of CCK apartments are available for 4-month contracts starting in May - inquire with admissions@wcri.coop if you are interested.
VALUES We are committed to providing exceptional accommodation, and related services, to students while developing a socially, environmentally, and financially responsible community that embodies, and is governed by, co-operative values.

These values are self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity. We believe in honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.
CONTACT Does living in an engaging, affordable, co-operative environment, just minutes from campus sound perfect to you? Feel free to forward your questions & comments.